FLAWSCANTM Surface Inspection Solutions

In today's highly competitive web materials manufacturing markets, it is vital to ensure that customers receive consistent, high quality, defect free product. i2S' FLAWSCANTM surface inspection (or web inspection) systems provide a complete range of solutions for 100% surface defect detection and production documentation. Our family of products includes simple cost effective systems for simple surface defect inspection applications up to high end advanced surface inspection (web inspection) systems for high speed, wide webs and low contrast defects. 

Benefits of choosing FLAWSCANTM:

  • 100% surface inspection at various manufacturing steps
  • Immediate defect detection, classification, and visu Surface Inspection System alization
  • Identification of defect causes resulting in improved manufacturing processes
  • Reduced customer returns and complaints
  • Early rejection of defective material before adding value
  • Human inspection eliminated
  • Documented process and detailed statistical analysis

  Examples of Surface Inspection Systems

FLAWSCAN performs continuous, defect inspection on all types of flat, wide web materials, improving product quality and customer satisfaction.

FLAWSCAN surface inspection system is dedicated to the following markets:

  • i2S Linescan 中国代表处将参加第十二届上海国际非织造材料展览会暨研讨会

    2007年10月22-24日:i2S Linescan中国代表处将参加第十二届上海国际非织造材料展览会暨研讨会。


  • FLAWSCAN TM:智能分类工具,更便利的适用表面质量监测—



  • i2S 集团成员 Linescan 增强实力并加速美国市场开拓

    i2S Linescan——一个在表面检测、质量控制和过程优化系统中的专家 


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