Surface Inspection System for Glass

i2S_glass_finalGlass is primarily used for its optical properties and therefore requires a very high level of quality which can only be attained via visual inspection throughout the manufacturing process.

i2S Linescan has developed a complete range of solutions for optical glass inspection at various steps of the manufacturing process to ensure the level of quality and to increase  production yields.

FLAWSCANTM systems and glass products:

i2S Linescan has extended its range of solutions based on the FLAWSCANsurface inspection platform to include several applications in the glass industry. Our range of solutions for this industry includes:

FLAWSCANTM performance on glass products:

  • Highest-speed camera and processing technology
  • Optimum optical configuration for accurate defect detection, of even low contrast defects
  • Intelligent classification engine for accurate decision-making
  • Comprehensive user interfaces and results
  • Low maintenance illumination technology featuring our OPTI-LED technology
  • Worldwide representation with local technical support

Benefits of choosing FLAWSCANTM for your glass production line

  • 100% surface inspection of glass at various manufacturing steps
  • Immediate defect detection, classification, and visualization
  • Identification of defect causes resulting in improved manufacturing processes
  • Reduced customer returns and complaints
  • Early rejection of defective material before adding value
  • Human inspection eliminated
  • Documented process and detailed statistical analysis
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